The AngelStarHosting Control Panel was designed to deliver enhancements to the general site management interface. The previous Control Panel pioneer – cPanel, was developed in the year 2000 and has never experienced a critical update ever since. The AngelStarHosting Control Panel is based on the concepts of the present day, delivering simplicity and user friendliness to all web–site administration operations you could think of.

Scroll all the way down and compare the 2 site management interfaces, get to know more about their pluses and minuses and discover which one of them could fit your demands best.

1. Domain/billing/web site tools

With the AngelStarHosting Control Panel you’ll be able to control all of your sites, domains and emails within the same location. You do not need to rely on any additional billing or domain name interfaces.

The cPanel Control Panel does not support synchronised control over domains and websites. You’ll get one billing panel for your domain names and invoices, and yet another Control Panel for your web sites.

2. File Hierarchy

With the AngelStarHosting Control Panel, each site name and subdomain will have own folder within the core account folder. That way, all web sites are going to be independent from each other.

Using the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have one website hosting account for your primary website and in case you need to activate more websites in the same account, they’ll be included as sub–folders of your main web site. This can make taking care of a number of sites truly difficult.

3. File Manager

The AngelStarHosting File Manager is created to work much like your desktop file explorer. With capabilities such as drag & drop file uploading, right click context menus, archive/unarchive options, etc., it will make managing your files quick and simple. Furthermore, you can find an in–built WYSIWYG interface as well as a back–end code manager.

The File Manager integrated in the cPanel Control Panel was upgraded several times throughout the years, however it still fails to offer a decent experience when compared to the other online data file management instruments. You are not able to employ a drag & drop capability to add data files, the archive/unarchive tool may be unreliable at times and then the file editing user interface is limited in capabilities.

4. Zero–cost Add–ons

With the AngelStarHosting Control Panel, you will have many 100–percent–free add–ons developed by our company. They’re offered completely free with each cloud hosting plan, which uses the Control Panel. With each plan, you can employ instruments like the Instant Site Installer, the Best Web Apps, the PHP Framework Installer, the Cost Free Web Site Creating Application, an array of Advanced Resources, and a lot more.

The freely available tools included in the cPanel Control Panel may vary from zero to a few. All no–cost add–ons inside the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and will be accessible provided that your web hosting provider has obtained a certification to distribute them. This way, if your provider no–cost bonus features along with your package, they’ll in fact increase the value of the whole service.

5. Control Panel Tool Speeds of Operation

The AngelStarHosting Control Panel is engineered utilizing the most recent web technologies. This way, it makes use of fully the potential of your browser and Internet access to so you’re able to handle your web sites fast. In our evaluation tests, when performing similar tasks, the Control Panel demonstrated 3 times faster speeds as compared to the competition.

cPanel continues to be operating on a system from a decade ago and may truly slow down from time to time. The cPanel development team has completed a serious step with the roll–out of cPanel accelerated. Nonetheless, in assessment tests, popular site administration operations often indicate better results with other Control Panel solutions.

6. Multi–domain name Administration

The AngelStarHosting Control Panel will provide you with a unique solution to control many different domain names and web sites from one handy user interface. Domain administration is effortless and changing to website administration means you only need to shift to a different area of the Control Panel interface.

If you attempt to host several domain names in a cPanel account, you will end up confronted with a truly difficult directory hierarchy. By default, cPanel website hosting accounts are intended to work with only one domain. In this way, in order to handle 10 domain names concurrently, for instance, you will need to setup ten unique accounts. Otherwise, all of the extra domain names’ content files will be situated in the folder of the main domain.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The AngelStarHosting Control Panel is admittedly straightforward to get around. You’ll find a practical top menu, from where you may get to any area of the Control Panel, with no need to go back to the homepage each time. Plus, we’ve designed a quick statistics module on the index page, so every time you sign in, you can have a peek at exactly how many visitors have recently attended your web site.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the home page is the sole location that has hyperlinks to the different areas. Should you go inside a menu and wish to easily change to a different one, you’ll need to go back to the main page and browse further from there. This kind of navigation could certainly slow your job when you need to efficiently execute numerous tasks concurrently.

8. Test Accounts

The AngelStarHosting Control Panel comes with a full–featured demo that offers nearly every menu and functionality it has. You could start setting up a website, add web applications, make email accounts, etc. This way, you can get a a lot more complete understanding of its interface and characteristics before signing up.

The cPanel Control Panel offers a basic demo account that doesn’t present you with access to the primary web–site management instruments you need to examine. It’ll demonstrate how a simple index page seems like and you will have access to just a few of all the available management options. All other areas will be inactive unless you enroll.

Instead of just learning facts about the AngelStarHosting Web Hosting Control Panel, you can simply examine our own Live Demo and discover yourself how easy to understand site management may be.

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