The top website loading speeds you can find in the United States of America, Canada and Latin America

Your website loading speed is known as a fundamental factor to your online profit, and we give you the advantage to host your sites within one of the best–connected data centers within the USA. The Colohouse data center can be found in downtown Chicago and provides complete power redundancy and exceptional network conditions. So that you’ll be able to warrant the top website loading speed for your site visitors residing in the U.S.A., Canada or Latin America. What’s more, this very data center is currently hired by a few of the largest telecoms providers in the US.

In the US datacenter, you can host any site you want – from personal pages and blogs to major enterprise sites and high–traffic electronic stores. Based upon your unique requirements, one can choose between a selection of Linux shared hosting deals, which are secured by a 99.9% uptime guarantee and also a 24x7 support service. You can easily select the US datacenter on our sign up form.

Other US Hosting Services

The various other web hosting solutions offered in our US datacenter are: Linux Virtual Private Servers In The USA. Identically to our Shared Hosting In The US, every other web hosting solution in the US datacenter is covered by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee plus a 24/7 support service. Furthermore, with every US hosting service, you will get our absolutely free, impressive Hepsia Control Panel, which can aid you in boosting your website.